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Meet Alan, the gym enthusiast who discovered his passion for fitness at just 13 years old and never looked back! From his teenage years, Alan has been dedicated to exercise and healthy living. While his career initially led him elsewhere, he found his calling as a certified Zumba and FitDance instructor, energizing group dance fitness classes at local gyms. In 2022, Alan relocated to Australia to pursue his dream of becoming a personal trainer, earning his cert 3 & 4 in fitness. Specializing in working with competitive dancers and acrobats, he crafts tailored cardio and strength training programs for all ages and abilities. Known for his infectious energy and motivational catchphrase "COME ON MORE ENERGY!", Alan's enthusiasm for fitness shines through in every session. Now, as the director of TUFF, he leads a supportive community where every member is empowered to achieve their fitness goals and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Join Alan and the TUFF team on their journey to fitness success! 🏋️‍♂️💪
Follow Alan on his instagram @coachalanmedeiros



Meet Sarah, our dynamic gym coach! With Cert 3 & 4 in fitness and a knack for transforming clients, she's a pro at making workouts fun and effective. Sarah's stacked with knowledge, including being qualified in Post & Pre Natal Fitness for Mums! She's not just muscles—Sarah's a former chef, making her your go-to for nutrition tips. Plus, with her experience in fitness competitions and a passion for injury rehab, she'll have you feeling your best.

Catch her on Instagram @sarahycracknell for some fitness inspo and a sprinkle of humor! 🏋️‍♀️✨


Sonja Greenslade

Introducing Sonja, our fitness guru with 15 years of experience rocking the industry! She's not just certified in the basics—Cert 3/4 fitness, group fitness boot camp, boxing, kettlebell, and even freestyle cycle instruction! Special skills? Oh, she's a pro at hitting the big 5-0 and knows all the short girl moves in the gym! Plus, she's not afraid to laugh at her own jokes and actually loves burpees (seriously, who does?). Sonja brings fantastic energy and motivation to every session, making workouts a blast for everyone involved.

Follow her journey on Instagram @sonjagreenslade247 and 'Sweat with Sonja' on Facebook! 💪🎉



Introducing Coach Jordan Glossop, a powerhouse in the world of gym strength and conditioning! With an impressive resume spanning various prestigious leagues and organizations, Jordan has left his mark on fitness enthusiasts at every level. Did you know? Jordan not only excels in the gym but also boasts an enviable shoe collection that rivals his passion for fitness! Jordan's extensive experience as a gym owner, manager, international coach, academy coach, club head coach, and individual athlete performance coach has taken him around the globe. Join Coach Jordan Glossop on his mission to elevate gym performance to new heights, one workout at a time! 💪

Catch him on Instagram @jordanglossop
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