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At TUFF Team, we believe in efficiency and convenience, which is why we’ve implemented a session booking system for all gym members. No more waiting around for equipment – our sessions are set to a maximum number, ensuring everyone can access the equipment they need without delay.

With sessions starting as early as 5am and running until 7:30pm, there’s a time slot to suit every schedule. Whether you’re an early bird or prefer to hit the gym after work, TUFF Team has you covered. Join us and experience hassle-free workouts tailored to your convenience and fitness goals!


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Our TUFF community is a friendly, supportive community who all share common goals and cheer each other on.
Our program are periodised and progress every 4 weeks.  You’ll get a personalized training program tailored to your goals, whether it’s rapid fat loss, muscle building and toning, or increasing size and strength. Our aim is to enhance your movement to prevent injury, ensure pain-free performance, and optimize your nutrition for long-term health and wellness.

TRI-FIT Bundle



You will receive your own nutrition program that is tailored to your goals and your unique body, catered to your lifestyle and what works for you.

Each fortnight you will have a check-in. Through check-ins we monitor your progress (muscle mass / Body fat) and help you achieve your goals by working on compliance, providing education, and making adjustments as needed to help progress you towards your goals. This is where we can ENSURE you get results and is a very important part of our amazing TUFF transformations.



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We regularly update your workout program, ensuring variety and engagement!

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